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A-Way-Home_L3.Full - CopyKamloops A Way Home: Ending Youth Homelessness
On any given night in Kamloops, an estimated 300 youth, between the ages of 14 and 24, are experiencing homelessness. Instead of sleeping in a supportive environment, they are couch surfing, sleeping on the streets, shelters, and other unsafe places. Many youth are homeless, because they were in foster care and at 19 years old they are cut off from supports as they age out of the system. Other youth are facing poverty, discrimination, or fleeing abusive environments.
The A Way Home Committee is a collective of over 108 people who are dedicated to implementing Kamloops Youth Homelessness Action Plan. We are a multi-sector group of individuals who represent non-profits, businesses, government, foster parents, youth, and landlords. Kamloops has received national recognition as other communities across Canada have chosen our name to represent the national movement. A Way Home has created a centralized housing intake system where youth can walk into any agency or ministry and have access to a full continuum of housing options that meet their needs. Unlike more conventional “supportive housing” where services are tied to a place, the Wrapforce team follows the youth wherever they live, providing continuous and individualized support. In 6 months A Way Home, has housed 39 youth: 16 youth were connected to market housing, 18 youth obtained program housing, and 6 youth reconnected back home. Yet there is still a great number of youth who are without housing or support and need our help with an opportunity to transcend poverty. Funds raised will create possibilities for youth experiencing homelessness in our community to receive housing and supports. We stand rooted in action. Please stand with us as we become the community who raises the child!



dwcDeveloping World Connections is a non-profit organization that provides resources to create life-changing impacts for people in countries around the globe. Those resources can be teams of volunteers who give time and donations to build homes, community kitchens or other construction projects that will make life better. Or funding to ensure a school or water-retention structure gets completed.

Light Up Guatemala is a DWC program aimed at improving the health of people in a country where three-quarters of the population lives below the poverty line. Millions of women cook using open fires in their homes. Smoke from those fires leaves family members with damaged lungs and permanent health problems.

Light Up Guatemala puts vented eco-stoves into homes of families in need, clearing the air and reducing the firewood needed.

In August of 2015, a DWC team installed an eco-stove in the cramped little house where Maria Lopez and her husband are raising their four children. The youngsters suffered from frequent coughs and fevers. They were already scraping to get by, so much so they had to sell off half their property to pay off debts. Buying a stove to clear the air in their home wasn’t possible.

Since they got their new eco-stove, their baby is no longer breathing in sooty air, the children’s coughs have cleared up, their firewood supply lasts longer and everyone’s health has improved.